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TradingView is an advanced analytical platform with a lot of charts where a whole social network for traders is located. Get everything you need to trade in one place, on the TradingView platform!
A platform for analyzing data TradingView
TradingView is a powerful platform for analyzing financial markets and also a platform for exchanging ideas. With the help of TradingView, it is convenient to track indices of currencies and many trading assets in real time, follow market news, get trading ideas and strategies, and use advanced technical analysis tools.

It started with charts in 2011, and now this service allows traders to free and in one place:

select what to trade (according to given parameters);
perform technical analysis;
learn macroeconomic news
follow corporate news on a particular company;
receive data in real time;
manage selected lists of stocks;
set signals for yourself - "alerts";
use ready-made indicators and create your own;
test strategies;
Perfect technical analysis with TradingView indicators
Trading indicators are the best thing about TradingView, as there are hundreds of them. A trader can choose any leading indicators to build his trading strategy on this platform. For example, leading indicators such as MACD, Fibonacci Correction, Bollinger Bands, EMA, ATR etc. are easily available on this trading platform.

Traders can use more than one trading indicator at any time. Thus, they can make a perfect technical analysis before opening a trade.
EUR to USD on TradingView
TradingView is fresh trading ideas every day!
"Idea" features - at any time a user can implement and share their opinion/signal/advice with just a click of a few buttons. Participants who are "subscribed" to you will receive a notification and read the recommendations. You can view a realsheet or a colleague's post in one click.

You can immediately "see" any of your or someone else's trading ideas on the market with the help of the "My Ideas"/"Ideas Ribbon" function: a lot of multicolored dots will appear on the chart: green - growth, red - price drop, yellow - flat. And any forecast can also be checked through the market simulator.

Any chart/test/video can be published for discussion - this allows you to use other people's ideas and opinions. Such material can be easily integrated into any online resource.
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